Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day Two and reflections on NYC Buddy Walk 2007

This is only Day Two of Tricia's "Get It Down: 31 for 21" challenge, so I can hardly quit now, although I am exhausted! I am so glad I took up the gauntlet, because even this early on I feel revved up by being in touch with this expanded community. Thank you, Tricia!

I also have to thank the amazing Karen for giving a shout out on Strollerderby (hence the lovely badge Saint Nobody is wearing).

Since I have exactly 4 minutes left until midnight EST, I will make this as quick as I can. Our first Buddy Walk was a smashing success, even though we didn't manage to meet up with everyone we'd planned (some friends had their plans fall through). The weather was gorgeous, and I had reserved enough energy by sticking close to home the day before that I was able to manage getting Stella to Times Square by myself, and then our dear friend Jeannie provided invaluable assistance the rest of the adventure.

Stella began making friends during the Times Square video--a little guy named Brian who was there with his extended family, including a trio of puppies. Then, on the walk itself in Central Park, we were joined by my Uncle Phil and Aunt Cheryl and their royal golden retriever, Murphy. Stella and Kyle (pictured in yesterday's post) became fast friends and our families joined forces until the Warrior Princess decided she needed to ride instead of walk, and holding hands became too difficult.

I was so focused on making sure Stella was having a good time (which wasn't really that difficult) that I didn't get all weepy and emotional as I had feared. In fact, I only started to cry at the very end of the event, when Chris Burke and his band performed "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da." It just struck me somehow. Obviously, it was the theme song for Chris's show Life Goes On, but like every Beatles' song, it has so many other resonances, private and public.

Chris was really great with all the families afterwards--that's him posing with Stella, which took awhile since I kept accidentally pressing the power button instead of the one that actually takes photos.

Sigh. I'm really reporting here, not reflecting. I will write more later when I'm in a more reflective place. Stay tuned!

P.S. Prince Vince's mama is giving away a pair of wellies!

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LeeJo said...

Love the pics! Thanks for stopping by my place, and nice to meet you!