Friday, October 26, 2007

joseph cornell in san francisco

Yesterday I went with a friend to see this amazing exhibit of the work of Joseph Cornell.

I found his work, and the info about his life, to be extremely moving and inspiring. One thing I didn't know was that Cornell's brother Robert, who had severe cerebral palsy lived with him towards the end of his (Robert's) life.

If you are going to be anywhere near the Bay Area while the exhibition is on, I highly recommend it!


Sandra said...

I wonder if that's the show that originated here in DC, at the Smithsonian American Art Museum--Robert Lehrman is a wonderful local businessman and has an extensive Cornell collection, which he loaned out for the occasion. Enjoy.

And I just saw the announcement of your chapbook with Sow's Ear in the latest issue of Poets & Writers. CONGRATS all over again!

Amy said...

Thank you, my dear.
Yes, they mentioned Lehrman and the Smithsonian in the notes for the exhibit! I wish it would come to NYC. I wanted to spend about a week there--so much to see, so much text to read, too!

Shelley said...

Have fun in California. I checked out Navigating the Imagination - If I was anywhere in town I'd definitely want to go check out the real thing.

Amy said...

Thanks, Shelley! You will have to lobby for a traveling Cornell exhibit down under!