Wednesday, September 20, 2006

After Long Silence

I've been buried. I focus on work, my family. Not much else. Interactions are mainly with students, coworkers, the kids, my husband, random strangers. I have begun to enjoy exchanges with shopkeepers, food delivery workers, the security officers who check IDs at the entrances to FIT's buildings.

My friends--those whom I do not see in my daily travels, or around the office--are probably starting to wonder. I want to stay in touch, but the routine is exhausting. Email is the only way for now, because I can't take a break during the day and by the time we get the kids down in the evening I have no energy left for phone calls.

I need to maintain these relationships with those who are important to me, but I am in a whirlwind. It will pass. Things will shift again. I will be back in touch.