Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I am writing under the influence of a virulent virus (how's that for redundancy?). Bobby got it Friday, then Stella and I picked it up over the weekend. What fun! Fever, headaches, body aches, coughing, coughing, and more coughing.

There's nothing like a good bout of the flu to remind us of our helplessness in the face of microorganisms.

In other news, classes have started at FIT and I'm looking forward to working with a new batch of students, and some return customers (victims?). Creative Writing online, Poetry (an intro lit course), and a brand new honors course: "Creative Imagination: Theory and Process" all promise to be exciting and challenging. I've ordered a bunch of books and videos on creativity for the FIT Library, who are so good to me. They're even doing a special display about these resources, tying it in with the conference I'm organizing:
Getting to Aha! Teaching Creativity at SUNY. Oh, and there's the FIT Poetry Club (website forthcoming). I'm the advisor and we have to submit our budget requests ASAP and plan events for the semester. And, of course, the usual planning, advising, and general putting out fires of my administrative work for the department. Fun, fun, fun!

OK, time to rest now. Just thinking about this makes me tired!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Writer's Blo(g)ck and chocolatinis

Well, folks, it looks like blogging is going to be as much of a challenge as every other form of writing. Since my last posting I've found myself writing blog entries in my head on a regular basis, but somehow haven't managed to actually post anything.

Anyway, I thought I'd get back into the flow with a quick review of this restaurant. We took the kids here tonight after the triumphant first day of Bob's Creative Music Workshop (the new education program he's started with some of our excellent jazz musician-educator friends).

The hot chocolate was AMAZING but too strong for the kids, so Bob and I finished it. Sigh. It was tough, but parents do have to sacrifice. I also had the aforementioned chocolatini. Wowee. Bobby and Stella eschewed the yummy-sounding kids’ menu and stuck with bread and frites. Mom had a burger, Dad some amazing pasta with greens.

Excellent service. Highly recommended for a splurge. Amazingly kid-friendly and chic at the same time.

So. Block broken. Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You've got a blog, now start acting like it. . .

Yeah, well, I started this thing, so it's about time I began posting my opinions, confessions, obessions, concessions, past life regressions, and other self-indulgent crap like a good little blogger. So here we go.

Most of you reading this probably know me, so I don't need to tell you that I am a writer (mostly poetry, some nonfiction and fiction), I teach at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I'm married to jazz impresario Bob Bowen, and I have two fabulous kids (whom you can see below). Bobby is six and Stella is four. (The pics are from our summer vacation on the Outer Banks with the extended Lemmon family.) Oh, and (in case you haven't noticed) I love parentheses.

I'll try to post every couple of days--once a week, at least--and keep things interesting. To the right you'll see a list of some of my favorite women poets with links to their work. I've also started a list of my fave blogs--if there's one I should check out, please hip me to it (as Bob would say).

And now we come to one of the really cool things about blogs: I only show and tell what I want to, so I'm somewhat in charge. And you can read this without my even knowing. I can't see you, either, so if you're just getting to know me you don't have to worry about the look on your face when I tell you that Stella was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome, or when you read a couple of my poems. Dudes, we're all off the hook!

Above all, Saint Nobody (the blog, the poem, the as-yet-unpublished book) is about shrugging the mantle of sainthood (it keeps slipping off, anyway). Stay tuned and see what Nobody is up to.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Girls on the dunes: Jockey's Ridge, NC. Posted by Picasa

Meet the fam.

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A fan of chocolate (and Pennsylvania)

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Saint Nobody: The Debut

Well, it's finally happened: I have started a blog. We'll see if I'm able to make it look kinda nice, and if anybody reads it.