Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy 100th Post, Saint Nobody!!!

Yes, it's finally happened, and how appropriate that it occurs smack in the middle of Down Syndrome Awareness Month (and could it have happened without Tricia's challenge? Prob. not.).

In honor of the Saint's centenary entry, I would like to officially announce that Saint Nobody, the poetry collection, has been accepted for publication by Red Hen Press! More details, and plenty of grateful admiration for this wonderful press, will most certainly be forthcoming. Don't change that dial!

Thanks to an anonymous tip from a Very Scholarly Blogger, I researched the medieval concept of a "Saint Nobody" and found the illustration you'll see if you scroll all the way the the very bottom of this page. The motto reads, "Nobody is my name that beyreth [beareth] every bodies blame." I'm considering asking the designer to incorporate it into the cover art.

Now it's on to revising the manuscript! Woo hoo! (or, as Tricia would say, "Woot.")

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Special Needs Mama said...

Yahoo! Great news and what a way to celebrate!