Sunday, March 30, 2008

NJ redux: the bus for us

So I figured out the best way to reach my destination in New Jersey: via the Port Authority! Yesterday I went to a wedding shower for my dear cousin Dana and took my first-ever bus trip out of the city. I was running late, as usual, so had to rush to grab a ticket and literally run up two flights of stairs and an escalator. I envisioned running after the bus as it was pulling away, but when I got to Gate 405 I saw a whole queue of passengers lining up to the door. They were somewhat amused by the crazy lady huffing and puffing and asking if this was the 46 West bus to Pine Brook.

It was, and the ride was smooth, quick, and uneventful. It was weird being dropped off by the side of a highway, but my Uncle Phil was waiting at the stop, and then whisked me away to the Valhalla Lake Club for a lovely brunch.

After the party I went back to Uncle Phil and Aunt Cheryl's house to hang out with the fam--I especially enjoyed spending some quality time with my cousin Shelley, who lives in Ohio. The bus home was just as convenient (although it showed up at the stop a bit late), and fortunately we didn't hit any traffic going into the tunnel. I think this will be one of my preferred modes of travel to and from the Garden State!

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