Monday, March 31, 2008

amy, meet amy

Most regular readers of this blog are aware that I have some intense things going on in my personal life. Let's just say that this is a new era, my life is changing a great deal, and I am trying to keep perspective and do what I can to make sure that these changes have more positive than negative effects (for myself and my children).

In an earnest email exchange recently, a dear, very wise friend (who happens to be a kick-ass creativity and writing coach) took time out of her own hectic life to offer me some "navigational and loving support ideas," as she so accurately called them. She urged me to take advantage of this transitional period to try something new that will symbolize a new time in my life, "an AMY TIME."

Over the weekend the kids went with their dad to the Pompanuck Farm Institute for a country sojourn. This gave me the opportunity not only to spend time with family and friends, but to get reacquainted with this person I am, and see who I am becoming. Yoga helps, as do other forms of exercise. The right music makes a big difference. And, of course, writing--and reading. I've finally gotten a hold of Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat. Pray. Love. after about a million people recommended it to me, and have been clutching it like a sort of life preserver.

I am blessed with an amazing team of friends and family. It's so great to have them on my side. And more and more, I feel like I'm on my own side, too.

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