Monday, March 17, 2008

beating the retreat

It's spring break, and here I am in Maryland for a few days, getting away from it all, whatever "it" is. Of course, so much of "it" comes with one wherever one goes. Sigh.

In any case, just spent a rejuvenating weekend with two of the smartest, kindest, coolest, dearest people I know: Jane and Ned. Many delightful hours of conversation about poetry, music, teaching, parenting, and a few other, less serious topics. I left with a head full of wisdom and a bookbag full of newly burned cds--Robyn Hitchcock, John Wesley Harding, Elliott Smith, etc.

Now I'm retreating on my own at a remote location in the countryside. I'll write more about it later--for now, enjoy the pond, which is right outside my window. Time for a hike!

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