Saturday, July 05, 2008

fab fourth

Yesterday I spent the evening with good pals Greg and Jeremy and an assorted cast of walk-ons.

We started at the Whiskey Ward, described in one review as a "No bullshit saloon off Delancey Street for serious drinkers," then headed to Schiller's Liquor Bar for dinner (yes, it's a restaurant, too), where we saw Sex and the City's Chris Noth and John Corbett enjoying cocktails at the bar.

We didn't make it to Greg's apartment rooftop, as planned, for the Macy's fireworks--we rather lamely watched some of the glow from the street outside Schiller's--but it was a great time nonetheless.


MacGregor Rucker said...

The New York Magazine review of Sex and the City said Chris Noth is beginning to look like Eddie Munster all grown up.

Amy said...

He actually looks much better in person than on either big or small screen. He's doing pretty darn well, I'd say.
It was a fine evening.