Sunday, July 06, 2008


It would have been our twelfth wedding anniversary. I guess it sort of still was, although there is no longer a "we" to celebrate it.

Instead, I had a lovely dinner with my lovely friend Denise at Pastis. The weather was perfect for sitting outside, the food was good, the conversation excellent, and the crowd lively enough to bring some cheer.


Special Needs Mama said...

ox. Glad you have a good friend to help pass the day.

Tara Marie said...

If you are a romantic like me, this date will always hold a special place in your heart....even if there is no longer a 'we'.....there was at one time and it was very speical that you had this day as your day, and two beautiful children as a legacy of that bond.

Missing you.

MacGregor Rucker said...

I'll tell you what--I just passed the 5th anniversary of finalizing my divorce. I do consider myself a romantic and probably too much so for my own good, but this anniversary is pretty significant and I commemorated the day with not a single regret.