Friday, May 09, 2008

karmic cords

More wisdom from Debbie Ford:

Our emotional wounds unwittingly echo the pain of our past and act as guides leading us to those places within ourselves that need healing. These wounds cause us to resonate with people who have similar or matching unhealed emotional issues. Attaching us to these people are energetic connectors I think of as karmic cords. There is a sense of destiny at work here: these karmic cords--cords of fate--bring people into our lives who are tailor-made to bring us the spiritual experiences we need to complete ourselves.

Although lately I have been questioning my supposed belief in fate, karma, signs, divine direction, or anything that would imply that this universe is anything other than random, I find this idea appealing. It certainly would explain a couple of recent experiences that have left me pretty shaken up (or "all shook up," as Elvis would say). It would explain why I was so powerfully drawn into these situations, and why they imploded so rapidly and painfully. And also why I feel like I've learned from them and why, while I wish I did not have to experience the pain, I don't regret them.

One thing is for sure: a lot of us are running around with huge wounds, and it's a dangerous emotional world out there. Despite the perils, though, I for one believe it's worth it to connect with others. Although I'm drawing the shutters on my heart for the time being, I'm not sorry I opened them for awhile, and can't imagine it will be long before I open them again. And hopefully I've gained one or two good friends along the way.


Running Around Trees said...

I ran across your name through a mutual person - by mistake on this particular persons part and curiosity on mine. Nonetheless, I explored your blog and have, not to my surprise, found your insight refreshing, rational,genuine, cordial. You remind me of my writer friend back home in Austin who always takes life's gifts - whatever form or fashion they present themselves in or as -- and incorporates them into life as a lesson and valued growth. I hope you don't mind that I entered your blog uninvited (although it does have an open door??) and that i forward your blog to my frend so she can explore your insight. Thanks. I sincerely wish you well.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Glad you found my writing to your liking--all are welcome, indeed. I think we're all just trying to make the best of what life gives us, no matter how weird it can get sometimes. Thanks for the good wishes and I send the same to you.