Wednesday, May 07, 2008

how soon is now?

Back in the late 80s when I lived in Boston, K. and I would come home from another night partying with hipsters, collapse on our separate couches, and listen to the Smiths. This tune with Johnny Mars' hypnotic guitar riffs, was one of our favorites.

How funny that the lyrics appeal to me now as much as they did two decades ago. These returned to me today during the second mile of a particularly cathartic run:

How can you say
I go about things the wrong way?
I am human and I need to be loved
just like everybody else does.

I actually started singing out loud for almost an entire lap. It helped. The heart finds healing in strange ways.


Laura said...

This is one of the songs that definitely outlasts the '80s. The hypnotic rhythm can still put me in a trance.

Amy said...

Yes, "hypnotic" is exactly the word! Trance-inducing!

poetjanes said...

Yes! And isn't it interesting that this song is the only one I can think in which Morrissey sings in such a lovely and uncharacteristic register!

Meat is Murder makes a killer work-out tape!

Amy said...

No doubt! I think I might skip the title track with its sounds of the abattoir, though.