Monday, August 20, 2007


Yesterday my brother David and his family left for PA, and I took the kids out for the day to give Grandma and Granddad a break. After some retail therapy, we took a (rainy) driving tour of some of my old haunts.

Snyder Park is the home of my first playground, it's where my dad played golf, it's the site of the infamous Dr. Dredge Tennis Program where I learned that tennis was not my forte.

Sadly, although the playground, tennis courts, and golf course look okay, most of the park is a mess--the lovely ponds are clogged with algae, waterfowl feathers, debris, the boathouses are boarded up and deteriorating.

Fortunately, the Memorial Arch at the Western Avenue entrance is still in very good shape. Here are two views of this landmark, from well before even my time (left), and the other from the present day (right).

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