Friday, August 10, 2007


When I lived in Boston many moons ago, I had a group of friends who thought it was fun to speak "faux francais"--they'd take normal English words and put "-ment" on the end, and of course pronounce everything with an exaggerated fake French accent.

The word I've coined for the title of this posting is an example. It's not exactly grammatically correct ("-ment" is used to form adverbs, while what I'm looking for is an adjective), but it describes me right now. Since coming back from Sewanee on July 29th, I've been plunged into Mommyland. Bobby and I have had all kinds of bonding experiences--the good, the bad, the mundane, the extremely irritating, the completely demoralizing. Stella has been in summer school until today. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can barely think about writing. And I had made this commitment to write 50 pages (crap or otherwise) before my sabbatical officially started (which would be August 27th-ish). HA!

Well, time to go make pizza dough. If nothing else, I have reconnected with my inner chef, and we've avoided takeout for the most part this whole week. The family that cooks together...

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