Sunday, May 24, 2009

old saint nick's

Last night I went with a couple of friends to Saint Nick's, a historic jazz club in Harlem. My friend and FIT colleague Praveen lives in the neighborhood (his apartment has the most incredible view) and is a regular at the pub. The band for African Night was large and lively, as was the crowd. Standing room only, jostling required. After awhile, I figured out how to avoid getting jostled by the bartenders shuttling six-packs back and forth to the bar. Before I knew it, it was one a.m. and time to head back downtown on the A train. Good to have a night out.


dadshouse said...

How fun! I love hitting my local blues club. And I miss Manhattan - I'm due a visit! Great photo, btw.

Amy said...

Well, if you make it here I'll take you out for a Cuban sandwich (with pickles)! :)
I totally stole that photo...thank you Google images!