Friday, May 29, 2009

i love wes, and wes loves me

On Monday, May 18th, I dropped off the signed retainer letter (with the all-important checks) at the mediator's office. This is the next step in the divorce process--she will now draw up the agreement, we will each have lawyers review it, then go from there (hopefully no more changes after that).

Afterwards, I took myself out for a cocktail at my beloved Flatiron Lounge and sent text messages to any of my friends who might be remotely interested in what had just transpired. Having enjoyed a "404" (named, apparently, for the Atlanta area code, in honor of some out of town patrons) and a "Blue Moon" (so named because it is, um, blue) I headed east to Punch for a little dinner. On the way I saw two men standing on the sidewalk talking and realized that one of them looked very familiar. It was none other than Wesley Stace, aka John Wesley Harding, one of my all-time favorite musicians and now a celebrated novelist. I stopped right in front of him and declared, "I love you!" Without blinking, he replied, very matter-of-fact, "I love you, too!"

Then I went along my way, grinning and giggling. As long as Wes loves me, all must be right with the world.


dadshouse said...

You've got the coolest social life. I love that you hit the bars. Silicon Valley women could learn from you. They are bar-shy around here. Oh, and I love that you text your friends to join you out. Silicon Valley friends should be so spontaneous. (My friends are parents with kids, and would not jump for a text message.)

I guess I'm trying to say - I love you! (How's that for tieing into your post?)

Amy said...

Awww, gee thanks, David! I love you too!

(When are you coming to NYC to collect that Cuban sandwich?)

Elizabeth said...

That's some synchronicity at work there!

Tara Marie said...

Oh my goodness........Life is grand. I love you too!!!