Wednesday, December 03, 2008

six months in a leaky boat

This morning, as I was contemplating some "personal growth issues," I remembered one of my favorite songs from Split Enz, the precursors to Crowded House.

I have no idea what the Finn brothers had in mind when they penned this tune, but the leaky boat image struck me as a great metaphor for some things I have been going through. I've realized, after hitting some very stormy seas, that I need to patch the leaks in my own boat, rather than expecting to be carried along in someone else's--which practically ensures a capsize, especially since their boat is bound to have some leaks, too. Making my own repairs, maybe I will be better able to sail steadily alongside another seaworthy craft someday.

The imagery buoyed me, to coin a phrase. And the song worked the magic it always has, which causes me to be completely incapable of listening to it less than five times in a row. Thank goodness for YouTube! And thank goodness I had brought my headset to the office.

There's a wind / in my sails / will protect / and prevail

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