Sunday, December 14, 2008

those winter sundays

It's the third Sunday of Advent, and the weather is definitely wintry. I'm feeling nostalgic, and it's about time the kids and I got some Christmas decorations up. I thought I would also make chicken and noodles, which was my favorite dish growing up. My mom would make it when I came home from college, or from wherever I was living (Boston, Cincinnati, etc.). Sometimes she made her own noodles; I think nowadays she uses these delicious Amish noodles from the farmer's market in Yellow Springs.

Her recipe is purist: just chicken and noodles in a thickened brothy sauce. You serve it over mashed potatoes--never mind the duplication of carbs. Makes it feel like an old-fashioned Sunday dinner here in Astoria.

Here's Robert Hayden's poem about Sundays he remembers from his childhood.


Elizabeth said...

I'm visiting from jeneva's blog -- I love the poem you linked to, especially the line "love's austere and lonely offices." Beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Amy said...

Thanks and welcome, Elizabeth!