Wednesday, September 26, 2007

supermom needs a bourbon and soda

Well, the media blitz continues. Today I was fielding calls, not only from Art McFarland's associate at Channel 7, but also from a NY Post reporter. Art and his crew will be following Stella's bus home from school. The Post is sending a photographer to our house to take pictures when the bus gets here.

Ironically, today they changed the order of her pickup and dropoff, so she was on the bus for a shorter time. But someone's kid is still getting home at 5:30. Justice will be served, if the Fourth Estate has anything to say about it! (speaking of justice, I am on call for jury duty starting next week--augh!)

In other news, I got Bobby's Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores from 2nd grade. Allow me to brag: Core score 99th percentile!

If I can only get him to do his September book project: I gave up on the library (closes at 6) and ended up checking out a nice youth mystery novel from the NY Public Library's ebook collection.

Now. Should I set up the new printer and print out donation forms for the Buddy Walk, or have a drink and watch another episode of Slings & Arrows?


scott hightower said...

Great title. I hope there is a Lemmon POEM with the same title.

Amy said...

Not yet, but thanks for the idea!!! Great to see you last night. You are the consummate MC!