Sunday, September 30, 2007

stella article in the ny post 9/29

Yoav's article made it in on Saturday! Click here.

Full disclosure: the "war files" mentioned in the article was my husband's idea!

Buddy Walk today--amazing! more tomorrow...


Michelle said...

Good for you guys on getting the media involved to help spread the word on this issue. How do they expect kids, especially the younger ones, to be on the bus for that long and not have to use the bathroom?! I hope they get this mess all straightened out!

Amy said...

It was a bit draining, and I ended up feeling like Crazy Strident Mama, but it is worth it. The proper attention is being paid to this problem all over the city, and I understand that changes are happening across the board. At least I hope so.

Now we have the school uniform battle ahead...stay tuned!