Tuesday, November 09, 2010


  • parent-teacher conferences
  • forms, endless, endless forms to fill out
  • take kids to get blood/urine samples for their physicals (which happened over a month ago)
  • bobby home sick two days
  • stella half day tuesday
  • both kids off thursday for veteran's day
  • keeping up the household
  • WORK: five classes. five billion ungraded written assignments. forgetting things, things slipping through my fingers. the threat of student evaluations. insane and slippery paperwork for four guest speakers' honoraria.
  • a bunch of other stuff i probably forgot.
  • oh, and grief slapping one upside the head, randomly. "part of the process"

ican'tdoit ican'tdoit ican'tdoit ican'tcan'tcan'tcan'tcan't

iwillnotfeelsorryformyself. no.

UGH. ARGH. AUGH. It will pass, I know it will....


Anonymous said...

you can do it!

Amy said...

thank you! blessings...

jeneva said...

Breathe! And write a list. That's what I do. Written. Down. So I can keep the list at hand and forget the details and keep some space for myself.

Marie said...

Of course you can do it!

Anonymous said...

i surrender to you my striving
i let go of all need to effort or to struggle
i relax deep into things exactly as they are
i accept life that it might move through me with grace.

today is a new day amy! and i am so, so grateful to have met you at that little restaurant near bleeker street. you are an amazing person. hugs fran

Amy said...

fran! so great to hear from you...what a blessing to meet you. thanks so much for the good words. xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless you and your family and may you recognize his presence in your life today.

LilC37 said...

Amy! Although I recently found your blog, I find it/you very inspiring! I'm only eighteen but my dream is to begin a writing career. Do you have any advice : )? Thanks!