Wednesday, May 12, 2010

whole children rock! and stella writes!!!

Thanks to Emma Sage's mom, Tara Marie, I just found out about Whole Children, an organization in Western Massachusetts that provides "recreation and enrichment programs for children of all abilities." On Mother's Day they presented a concert, called "Everyone Has a Voice," with none other than our fave rocker-turned-kid-tunesmith, Dan Zanes. Two years ago Stella and Emma Sage (and their mamas) got VIP treatment at a Dan Zanes and Friends concert to celebrate Emma's 7th birthday.

Whole Children is just the sort of thing I wish we had around here somewhere. I can't imagine how thrilling it would be for Stella, who turns any suitable object into a microphone and belts out number after number, to sing with a group of other children.

Speaking of Stella, yesterday Bob showed me that she had written her own name without any help! And said the name of each letter as she wrote! This is a wonderful milestone for our girl!


Maggie May said...

what a fun organization!

Maggie May said...

ps i love that book, Saint Nobody :)