Friday, November 20, 2009

in need of chocolate

Here's why:
*Work stress is hitting an all-time high; I will not even begin to go into particulars.

*YAI just informed me that they can no longer pay for Krystal's in-home respite services until a Medicaid waiver is on file. Earlier in the year we were informed that the agency was having to use funds from Medicaid for the clients' services (due, I believe, to state budget cuts). I thought we had done all the paperwork for this in the spring, but apparently not. Krystal called and said her supervisor told her not to come today--I am going to pay her out of pocket until I regroup and figure it out.

*Bob is taking the kids to be with him family for Christmas. This will be the first Christmas in their lifetimes that they have not been with me. I suppose it goes without saying that divorce sucks.

Fortunately, I picked up a B.T. McElrath Dark Chocolate Bar ("our proprietary blend of European and Columbian chocolate, 70% cacao") yesterday at my Thursday morning coffee place. It is truly the smoothest, silkiest dark chocolate I have experienced in a very long time. Goes well with the Guatemalan dark roast I purchased as well.


jmiller said...

I think you summed it up. Divorce sucks but chocolate is good! Have a great Thanksgiving. Sorry about Christmas, it isn't easy when you are used to being with your kids for an important holiday but as long as they are happy that is what is most important.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I feel for you about Christmas. If you can, make that a special day in some way important to you. Just ONE bar of chocolate? Maybe you should go somewhere where you get good chocolate in bulk.