Monday, September 21, 2009

from dad

Since I seem to be having trouble doing writing of my own here, I will continue to borrow the words of others. From an email this morning that brought some much-needed encouragement on a very Monday-ish Monday:
I must say that in view of the tough problems (not "issues," not merely "challenges") that you often face, your resilience and ability to manage the things in your life are quite remarkable. You should take a minute from time to time and just remind yourself of that, and draw some well-deserved confidence from the way you have overcome these difficulties. A truly exceptional young woman, as we have known for all these __ years.


Maya said...

What a nice note from your dad. A good thing to read on those "hard" days.

Found your blog recently and thought I'd say hi. I lived in NYC/Brooklyn for many years and a few years ago made the move to the 'burbs. Still work in the city every day. My son, 5, has DS. I look forward to reading more.

jmiller said...

I have to agree with your dad! You are pretty remarkable.

Amy said...

Hi Maya! Thanks for writing. And thanks, Jenn, the feeling is definitely mutual! You rock!