Wednesday, November 12, 2008

no visible injuries

Just received a text message from an unfamiliar number in the 914 area code (Westchester County):

im ok no visible injuries just want todeal with some emotions

I felt strangely relieved, although the message was most likely sent by mistake, by a perfect stranger. I texted back, "Who is this?" but got no response.

Meanwhile, CBC Radio 2 is playing an interview with their reporter Melissa Fung, who was just released after being held hostage for four weeks in Afghanistan. Her captors said they were part of the Taliban, but she later learned they were "just" a family who practices kidnapping as a profession.

However, the Taliban's attacks on civilians continue. (I'd like to know why this is only showing up in the Canadian media, nothing in the U.S.)

Melissa Fung is physically improved, but still suffering from sleepless nights after her ordeal. The two Afghan schoolgirls have been blinded by the attack, and are too afraid to go to school. But the misdialing Westchesterite is unscathed, or at least among the walking wounded, recovering in the suburbs of the Tristate area.


Anonymous said...

I echo your questions on why this hasn't been picked up by the international media, as this incredibly story talks about more than just a reporter's courage. It talks about the growing business of small group criminals who regularly kidnap in places like Afghanistan.

A further media question: Mellissa's interview talked about the Globe and Mail getting absolutely none of the details of her story right. Where is the accountability? All comments on are turned off.

MacGregor Rucker said...

Every so often I get an anonymous text like that, most likely sent by mistake to my number.

Cryptic messages from the ether. You can't help but wonder if were truly anonymous, or not... Your 914 would keep me wondering for a long time. Like that episode from the twilight zone where it ends with a downed phone line hanging into a graveyard.