Saturday, September 27, 2008

hard times come again no more

After hours of "YouTubing" various musical selections (with a heavy emphasis on one of my faves, Rufus Wainwright), I found this gem. The Stephen Foster song, penned just before the Civil War, is powerful in its simplicity--I first became aware of it in a version by Syd Straw and John Doe on Syd's album Surprise. This version, with a very young Rufus, his mom Kate and aunt Anna McGarrigle, Emmylou Harris, Mary Black, and others I have yet to identify, is simultaneously goosebump-inducing and healing. Enjoy.


BS said...

You might like the soundtrack to the Leonard Cohen movie - I think it's called I'm Your Man, or Tower of Song - many of the same artists featured on it including a lovely version of Rufus singing "Chelsea Hotel". I wonder if Martha, his sister, is in the clip you've posted here? I couldn't easily recognize her.

Amy said...

Thanks, Bina, I just put "I'm Your Man" at the top of my Netflix queue yesterday! I've been meaning to see it for like forever. I also wondered if Martha was in there, but none of the women seemed young enough to be her...I also want to know who the bearded man is???