Friday, December 14, 2007

children held hostage?

That's the approach of a controversial new ad campaign intended to raise awareness about children's psychiatric disorders. To read more about it go to this article in the NY Times.

Vicki Forman, author of the Special Needs Mama column at Literary Mama and a good writer-mom pal, eloquently responded: “The idea of an autistic person being held hostage is a very disturbing and backward image... Rather than promote public awareness, this reinforces stereotypes — that there is something damaged about the autistic person, something in need of a repair.”

Also quoted is Kristina Chew, author of the blog Autism Vox.

To read the response of Susan Senator, the parent of an 18-year-old with autism, go to her blog.

BBDO, the agency who created the pro-bono ads for the NYU Child Study Center, stands by their campaign as necessarily provocative. The Child Study Center posted the ads, styled as "ransom notes," on their website. Earlier today I was able to view all the ads, but for some reason the images do not open up now. (Perhaps they have been removed from the center's website?)

What do you think?


jane said...

How about millions of Americans held hostage by the world of advertising!

I can't believe that in a post 9/11 world anyone would dare use this in any campaign!

Special Needs Mama said...

Wow, you are right! The images are gone. Fascinating.

Kelly said...

I'm a little late to chime in on the campaign, but I agree that we've gone over the top with the labeling our kids, but on the other hand, I'm all for creating awareness, even if it takes the shock effect.