Sunday, June 24, 2007

A New Vision

Stella is wearing her glasses! In May we went to the opthalmologist and sure enough, she has astigmatism. We got the glasses three weeks ago and, let's just say the princess was not amused. Even though she loves to steal Mommy and Daddy's glasses and put on sunglasses, it was nothing doing here.

A couple of times she tolerated a couple of seconds; mostly, she threw them across the room. (these things cost three hundred bucks! We gave it a rest for awhile.)
The strategy has been to try and get her to tolerate them while watching Noggin or a favorite DVD movie.

Right now--ta-da!--she is watching Lady and the Tramp and they have stayed on five whole minutes. In fact, I just saw her push them up (rather than yanking them off). Here's to some new clarity!

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