Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hey New Yorkers: Don't Miss This! Monday, Feb. 19, 11 a.m.

Thanks to my fellow Trisomy 21 mom bloggers I found out about Barnes and Noble's national series of events to raise awareness of Down syndrome. (Of course, now that the month is almost over...)

Anyway, we are taking Stella and the fam to this event tomorrow at the Lincoln Triangle B&N at 11 a.m. Bob McGrath from Sesame Street (Stella's favorite!) is the MC, and the program features Melissa Riggio, the 18-year-old daughter of Barnes & founder Steve Riggio, and the author of an article called "I Have Down Syndrome" published in National Geographic Kids.

For more information, click this link.

I am embarrassed to say that this will be our first ever event connected the National Down Syndrome Society. Honestly, we feel very isolated here in NYC. I guess most urbanites are just too sophisticated to have kids with DS. If you know what I mean.

I am gonna bring extra Kleenex, 'cause I know I'm gonna bawl at some point!

UPDATE, After the Event:
I did not cry, but mostly because we were so busy chasing Stella and Bobby around in the crowd. Not only did we see Melissa Riggio and her singer-songwriter friend Rachel, and Bob from Sesame Street, but Chris Burke (Life Goes On) was there, and Stella and Daddy got their pictures taken with PETE TOWNSHEND!! I told Bob that Pete was there, and he said, "Who?" and I said, "Yes! The Who!" ha ha ha ha
I'll post photos as soon as Bob emails them to me!


Tara Marie said...

How cool is that!!! I would have loved to head to the city today, but my son had basketball finals for a President Day tournament he was in.....sounds like it was a great event!!!!

Amy said...

I was hoping you guys would be there, actually. It would be so fun for Stella to meet Emma Sage! I had my eye out...Next month, Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz are going to make an appearance! It looks like this is going to be a regular thing, thanks to Steve Riggio!