Friday, May 05, 2006

My plate runneth over

If you are tired of all these images in every post, too bad! I don't have time to really write anything, and here's why:

  • commenting on 38 poems, 19 short stories, and 19 manuscripts and finishing participation grades for my online Creative Writing class
  • grading 18 6-8 pp. case study papers and presentations for my Creative Imagination class
  • marking 22 research paper drafts and presentations for my Poetry class
  • class prep, answering emails from students, updating my classes' Blackboard sites
  • actually teaching the classes with some semblance of sanity and order (oh, yeah)
  • finishing a proposal for a new course
  • Assistant Chair, English & Speech Department administrative schtuff (don't ask)
  • meetings, meetings, meetings (ditto)
  • introducing Sally Ball at Barrow Street reading/Marymount Manhattan College, Wed. 5/10
  • Poetry Club flea market Thurs. 5/11 (please come by and buy some stuff!)
  • family in town for my sister-in-law Rita's commitment ceremony (next weekend)
  • rehearsing to sing at said ceremony
  • helping Bob finish the lyrics for the song he's writing for Rita and her partner Matt
  • finding something for Bobby, Stella, and myself to wear
  • [your request here--c'mon, pile it on!]

What goes by the wayside?

  • quality time w/kids and Bob
  • sleeping
  • eating (if only)
  • breathing
  • exercising
  • and, of course, writing

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